Friday, August 10, 2007

Chickamauga Battlefield

This weekend my father, brother and I are taking my 89 year old grandfather to Chattanooga, Tennessee. We're taking him to visit the Chickamauga Battlefield Saturday morning. Three of us (since my father is a Jr. and I'm III) were named after a Confederate solider named Private George A. Schumpert, who was killed in battle there on September 20, 1863, at the age of 18. He was a member of the South Carolina 19th Infantry Regiment, Company D. My grandfather, a history buff, had recently mentioned that he had never visited that battlefield, so we're taking him. I'm really excited to spend the quality time with the men of my family. If anything really cool happens during our trip I'll attempt to update my blog from my cell phone. Otherwise, I'll upload some photos when I get back on Sunday.

Note: In retrospect, if I had known I would be posting anything about the Civil War, I probably would have reconsidered naming my blog "Tighty Whitey".

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Chuck said...

O, that post script was priceless. Had to think about it for a second. No worries, I think most of us relate Tighty Whitey to a particularly snug style of male undergarments.