Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Children At Heart (more blast from the past)

Here's a bunch of really cheesy video's my old college band, Children At Heart, around the time we first formed in the late 80's. These were recorded by a Media Arts Class, at USC, as a class project, so the set and light might look a bit goofy. However, the clothing choices were our own selections. Believe it or not, we eventually got MUCH better (at music, not dressing) and moved to Nashville to pursue a full time rock-n-roll lifestyle.

Children At Heart (left to right):
Mike Vaugahn, Lead Vocals;
Paul Reaves, Guitar;
Greg Sheehan, Lead Guitar and BGVs;
Coley Mynatt, Drums and BGVs;
George Nicholson, Keyboards and BGVs;
Todd King, Bass (on video clips) later replaced by Gayle Godkin (pictured to the right);
and Danny Linney, Sound Technician (not pictured ... ever)

"I Will Rejoice"

"A Few Good Men"

"Armed and Ready"

"Strong & Courageous"


Todd Vick said...

Thanks for putting this stuff on your blog, George. I never got to see or hear your band. I always heard second-hand stories from Jay and Alan. I always admired your for pursuing music the way you did. We were all always very proud of you.

Ferdlings said...

My thoughts: Were we seriously that bad? Why am I wearing that? Are we asleep? Alas, I'll always be "guitar" and Greg will always be "lead guitar".

Chuck said...

Horshay - I have to echo Todd's post. I lost track of you during college and had no idea that you done all this. Sure, the hats are cheesy, but hey...this was college.

Fun stuff.

James said...

didn't CAH open for Bryan Duncan?

George said...

No, we didn't open for Brian Duncan (that was songwriter Lowell Alexander.) We did open for an Elvis impersonator once. True Story.

Gayle Godkin said...

Wow! A friend googled me and found this blog. Suddenly a ton of memories wash through my mind. Are we ever going to do the reunion tour? Good to see that "Children At Heart" still lives...stay in touch brethren...Peace and Blessings!