Friday, September 21, 2007

Awesome, Dood!

My son, who aspires to be a zookeeper someday, constructed a little habitat for a toy mouse. You'll notice in the photos that he also made a little hat upon which he inscribed the vermin's name, "Dood" (pronounced "Dude").


Anonymous said...

Man, if I was that rat, I'd sit there for a few minutes drinking, rocking back and forth and thinking.
Then, I'd rocket up that piece of wood, over the wall and me and my rat hat would be gone!
That rat don't look like he does a lot of thinking though.

Kyle said...

I noticed Dood has a black eye.
Do you have to rough up a rat like that to make him wear a pirate hat?

George said...

Nah, he just returned from playing in a football game.

Kyle said...

That's a tough rat.