Monday, October 29, 2007

Non-alcoholic beverage and pork fueled happiness

Today was the first time I ever had a date with someone I met online. My new pal, Kyle (creator of the smash hit "Where in SC?"), and I met at Doc's Barbeque for some good food, friendly conversation, and juicy gossip about our mutual buddy Paul. It was all going well until Chris Hansen, of Dateline NBC, came in and started asking all kinds of questions.

Kyle and George in front of scenic Doc's Barbeque on Shop Road, in Columbia, SC.


Kyle said...

My, what dapper lads we are!

Ferdlings said...

LOVE the guy in the back. That is awesome! Looks great. Through the window... better than anything I've done.

Ferdlings said...

Oh yeah, glad you hombeys had a good time, although I do have a slight interest in the juicy gossip.