Thursday, November 1, 2007

Blog Flume!

My neices, Elizabeth (age 4) and Amanda (age 2), recently returned from a trip to Disney World. Here's a conversation their parents shared with us regarding Elizabeth's experience riding Splash Mountain:

“I did not like that ride at all. I thought I would like it because I saw those people coming down the hill but I didn’t even like it. When we went down the little hill I told Daddy but they couldn’t stop the ride and then we went down a big hill and I cried. I thought it would go down slow but it went down real fast and I was very, very scared. It was horrible. I think they should make a kid one that only goes up and maybe just one tunnel to go through. Only when you’re a big ol’ grown up you won’t get scared. Amanda should not go on that ride. Ever.”

“I want go on that ride.”

“You’ll cry.”

“I not.”

“Amanda, I know you think you won’t be scared, but kids get scared on that ride. You’ll cry.”

Amanda to Mom:
“I go on that ride?”

Can you pick out Elizabeth in this picture?

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Kyle said...

Yeah. Spalsh Mountain sucks Dude.