Monday, January 14, 2008

Gravy Fries

I had to go to Baltimore last week, for work. While at dinner one night, I tried the local fare...Gravy Fries. I know what you're thinking, but in fact they were not the most wonderful thing ever created. Not bad though.


Steve said...

Looks good. I'm adding this tenet to my growing list of food truths.

"Gravy on anything is good."

I'm thinking that that the word "chili" could also be substituted as well.

Kyle said...

When I was a strugglin' college student, I worked in the kitchen of a hell-hole called Quincy's.
Some nights, we'd take a plate of french fries and pour gravy over 'em for all of the kitchen guys to eat. They weren't bad.
I'll say this though, if I learned anything while working at Quincy's, it's not to eat at Quincy's.

James said...

Brown gravy as a side for fries is a kanuck thing. My Canadian friends up here introduced me to it years ago. We go into a diner for a hamburger and fries we order a side of brown gravy. It is very tasty.