Sunday, March 30, 2008

Beverages To Go

My old college and Nashville friend, Greg, stopped in for a visit Saturday evening whilst on his way to a business conference in Charleston. His company is apparently responsible for hosting a hospitality room at the conference and he got stuck with the job of getting the beverages, so I took him to the local beverage warehouse to stock up prior to being SOL from our Sunday Blue Laws. It was very entertaining to go the the liquor and beer stores with someone who doesn't drink or know anything about how to. About $250 later, he was none-the-wiser. I guess alcohol really does kill brain cells.


Chuck said...

Ah yes, Blue Laws. I forget about them, having lived outside of SC for 16 years (wow) now. In Virginia, you can not buy beer/wine after 11:45pm until sometime in the morning. Liquor has to be purchased in an ABC store. And nitrous oxide? well...let's just say you need connections.

Kyle said...

Man, I never get to go shop for alcohol on the company dime.
What a sweet gig!

Steve said...

I think some of the churches up here serve beer on Sunday.