Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Welcome Sour Kraut!

Please welcome my buddy, Jim, to the blog-o-sphere. Jim is a semi-famous drummer (especially in the Blues world) and we go to church together. He has been reading and posting comments to some of our blogs for months now, and he has become an avid fan of Kyle's blog. I just noticed that he created his very own blog last week. He's shy, so don't scare him. Just hold out your hand, let him sniff it, and once he's used to you, mock and ridicule him with impunity!

Above: Lefty Jim plays the drums backwards. What a freak!

Updated on 3/30/2008 : Apparently Jim has already retired his blog. He said he wasn' quite ready for the pressure, yet. Please post your encounging words here, and encourage him to re-commit to the effort. He needs the support of his fans (or fan) more than ever.


Martha said...

I'd be happy to play the drums forward - I think that would be so much fun!

Kyle said...

..Talk on the street is, he's the Hendrix of drums.

Alan said...

Is it the drums that are backwards or the sticks, palming those little wooden nips and playing with the fat ends. Having typed that last sentence, it all sounds so disgusting. Welcome, Jimmy, welcome.