Sunday, May 25, 2008

Movie Night

Last night we loaded up the family mini-van and drove to Monetta to catch Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, at The Big Mo Drive-In. I enjoyed the movie alot, as happy not to be disappointed. However, getting to enjoy it at the drive-in made it all-the-better.

The Big Mo is a nostalgic '50's & '60's era drive in theatre with two screens. Each reasonably priced admission includes a double feature. We paid $18 for our family of four for a double feature of Indiana Jones and Iron Man (but we didn't stick around to see Iron Man, because it was too late and we had to gut up for church Sunday morning.) The weather was perfect so we opted not to watch from our car, but instead to take a a picnic blanket and lawn chairs and sit in from of the rows of cars and listen to it on a boom box. It was Firefighter appreciation weekend and the local firefighters were grilling burgers and hot dogs as a fundraiser, so we had an awesome picnic before the movie.

The kids played on the playground while we waited for it to get dark.

There is a kiddie train ride by the concessions stand/projection building

Here we are enjoying snow cones as the movie is about to start.


Ferdlings said...

Bootlegging movies now, are we?

Alan said...

That looks awesome. Did you take your bull whip?

Charlotte said...

Mark and I went on a date to the drive-in many years ago - we saw Homeward Bound - it was awesome. We later took Paul to see Judge Dredd on one of his many historic visits. Not only did the movie stink, but I sat in the back and never could get enough clearance through the windshield to see the screen. I eventually laid the seats down and sprawled out in the trunk. It was not a magical movie experience.

Martha said...

It was great weather for that too. I love the Big Mo. Jim and I went in the summer of 2000 and saw Hollow Man and What Lies Beneath. Hollow Man was ok, and What Lies Beneath was very scary.

Overall though it was a lot of fun to go!

Kyle said...

Where's the Big Mo?
Squid and I once went to a drive in near Phoenix in a convertable rented car. We saw Star Trek Insurrection. With 10 minutes left in the film, the bottom fell out of the sky and we and the car were drenched before we could get the top up. Ahhh, the good times.

Steve said...

I saw Star Wars for the first time at Rays #1 Drivein in Lexington back in 1977. Lots of fond memories of my dad sleeping through many a bad movie at Ray's.

Sounds like a great time.