Monday, July 28, 2008

Weekend at Coley's

Last weekend, we went to visit our good friends, Coley and Kim (and their kids), at their family's weekend lake house in Stonebridge, GA. We met Coley and Kim in college, a PC, and Coley and I were fellow rock-n-rollers there and later in Nashville. Good times.

Above: George and Coley enjoy refreshments on the dock.

Above: Kim and Jennifer relax on the beach.

Above: George and Coley show young Matthew how to really rock out on Rock Band. Coley is playing drums with salad spoons (just like old times.)


Kyle said...

I don't know about that Rock Band stuff, but that Caterpillar toy behind the girls is absolutely bad-a!
I would've KILLED all the kids in school to have a shot at that rig!!

Martha said...

Now that's some good chillin' out!