Saturday, August 16, 2008

UNTO HIM - in concert 6/17/2008

Sunday evening I'll be playing bass for UNTO HIM, at Lexington Baptist Church, at 6PM. My blogger buddy, Jim, will be on drums, and our friend Stan will be on lead guitar. This is a free concert (about 1 hour long) and should be really good. The guys from UNTO HIM have some awesome original material and sweet harmonies. So record the Olympics and come out and hear us.


Tim O'Keefe said...

Dude! I didn't know when the concert was and I passed by the sign on my way home from D.C. It was already too late. Any more engagements soon?

The Nicholsons said...

Elizabeth said "Uncle George rocked" and when she grows up she wants to "rock out like Uncle George" and wondered if you guys could "jam about her loose tooth."

Amanda said "Blythe was fancy and, and, and had painted fingers and, and, and painted toenails and, and, and had fancy lipstick in her purse and, and, and I gonna be fancy like Blythe."

George said...

No engagements any time soon, but perhaps we can work up a ancy little ditty about a loose tooth in time for the next one.