Monday, August 4, 2008

Weekend in NC

Last weekend we went up to Cary, NC to visit with the Greens and to attend Malana's and Eric's wedding. Below are the highlights (or "low lights"):

Above: Alan and Leslie hang out by their fire pit on a brisk August evening.

Above: Grant and Jenna create toy water crafts at Marbles science museum, in Raleigh.

Above: Blythe and Meredith make floating junk of their own.

Above: Alan in front of a section of the Berlin Wall (West Berlin side).

Above: George on the other side of the section of the Berlin Wall (East Berlin side).

Above (clockwise): Meredith, Grant, Blythe, and Jenna at Marbles (or inside the Death Star. It's hard to tell.

Above: Jennifer and Blythe broiling at the outdoor wedding. It was beautiful though.

Above: Grant enjoys one of many non-alcoholic Mojitos at the wedding reception.

Above: The happy couple and their posse.

Above: Michael in the middle, with Grant and Blythe. We stopped in Fayetteville to visit our former neighbors and let the kids reunite with their old pal.

Above: George reunited with his old friend, Pedro.


The Nicholsons said...

I love the look Jennifer is giving you in the picture with Blythe. Kind of like she will kill you if you take the shot, but first she must smile to at least make it a good picture.

Ferdlings said...

You know, Adrian Cronauer said that East Germany confirmed the Berlin Wall was just a fraternity prank. And I'd say it looks more like one of the Millenium Falcon gun turrets. Looks like good times, though.

Kyle said...

In photo 6 are the kids standing in front of a giant urinal cake holder?