Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Caedmon's Call Concert - CORRECTION

Caedmon's Call will be in concert at my church this SUNDAY, September 28th, at 7PM. Ticket info is available here. Sorry, I had Saturday on the brain, but the concert is actually on Sunday.


Rick said...

Just made the call with the mother-in-law that we were taking the kids to the game - otherwise, would be there in hearty agreement on Caedmon's. Dang it. Sounds like a wonderful evening.

Talk with the missus about some kind of small group/gathering/book/movie thing?

George said...


My bad. The concert is actually on Sunday (not Saturday, as I previously posted.) Now you need a new excuse.


Rick said...

Hmmm. Indeed.

Charlotte said...

Newman! I showed up on Saturday.

Alan said...

Saturday was the performanceof the little known "Caveman's Call". Sounded much like Bigfoot.