Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Getting out the Vote.

As anticipated, the lines at voting precincts were long, even for those of us who arrived almost an hour in advance. Many people I know are reporting 3 to 4 hour waits. Despite the long lines and inevitable issues, I'm proud to see so many people exercising their right to vote.


smooth said...

me too, just hope that the new president will continue to allow voting by secret ballot!

(BTW, interesting that the woed verification to post is "shilt", I kid you not)

smooth said...

i meant word verification

Alan said...

Shilt- Accidentally dropping a load while wearing a kilt, which is traditionally worn without underwear. Closely related to a "shart".

The Nicholsons said...

We took turns staying with the kids, Jay went first and it took 2.5 hours to vote. It took me just under 3 hours. I thought it was fun! People were chatty, joking around, getting to know each other, reading books, etc. I talked to real grown-ups -no kids- and it was nice.

I was amazed by the turnout and more amazed at how excited people were to be among fellow voters. No one cared who you were voting for, it was just one long but cool shared American experience.

Jay says depending on who wins we'll be drinking either champagne to celebrate or whisky to stay drunk for the next four years!

E said...

Have a glass of champagne for me.

Amy and I raised a glass here