Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Campfire Tarts

This was a new campfire cooking trick I learned last weekend. Just mash an uncooked biscuit (from a can) onto the end of a thick dowel, being sure to spread the dough on thinly and evenly. Then rotate it slowly over hot coals until the biscuit cooks. Finally twist if off of the dowel and you have a cup shaped buscuit into which you can add chocolate, fruit, jelly, or whatever. Awesome.


Rick said...

I'm sorry, but with those photos and that title, I just can't not see Blazing Saddles analogies coming up.

smooth said...

My thought exactly! When I saw on my blog you had "Campfire farts" my brain went directly to Blazing Saddles. Just caught that scene this past weekend on AMC.

Kyle said...

Edible shot glasses! Cool!