Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Busy Bee...Again.

I haven't had a lot of time to blog lately, so I thought I'd take a moment to catch everyone up on my goings on.

Since my last post, Jennifer and I celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary by sending to kids to Asbury Hills Camp for a week while we spent a night and the following day at the Grove Park Inn and Spa. Then we headed to Montreat for another day and evening before returning home for a couple of busy days of work before returning to get the kids. While we were home we were also negotiating a conter offer for a contract on our house from some very interested potential buyers. At the end of the week we picked up the kids (with their ear infections) and returned home only to pack for North Myrtle Beach. My in-laws had a condo there for several days to celebrate Big Daddy's 60th birthday. Unfortunately, I had a business trip to Baltimore for 4 days, so I only got to stay at the beach for 1 night, which I spent in the Grand Strand Regional Emergency Room with Jennifer and Grant getting staples in Grant's head after a skim board accident.

I got a call from the buyer's realtor before my flight left letting us know that tehy accepted our counter offer and our contract was final. After a nightmare return trip from Baltimore last Thursday morning, we had to start planning our move out before the end of the month. We've also had a few repairs to attend to, thanks to a very thorough home inspector. Meanwhile, we haven't had a chance to work with any builder about building our new house yet. In the interim we are preparing to move into the vacant wing of my parents home. Yes, at age 41 I'm moving back in with my parents. Maybe I should have the next 6-8 months filmed for some kind of reality show. Now, I'm off to pack another box.


Rick said...

You know we can have a camera crew setup there in no time. No time at all.

We could also hire a butler. Anyone know how to get in touch with Homer?

The Nicholsons said...

Just bought stock in Post-Its and Exedrin. Thanks for the tip! ;)

Tim O'Keefe said...

Sorry about Grant! War scars I guess. Let me know if you need help packing boxes or whatever. Congratulations are in order or your house sale. Hey! I can sling paint pretty good too if you need a hand.

Tim O'Keefe said...

Oh yeah, I've got some home brews for you. It looks like you'll need them.