Thursday, November 19, 2009

HUH in SC #3

Translation: RDCULIS


George said...

Sorry, this was actually more readable on my phone. The plate says "RDCULIS" which I'm sure is supposed to be a RIDICULOUS, but I prefer to believe it means either "Road Coolys" or "Ridicule Us". I am trying to comply with the latter.

Alan said...

In a moment of utter frustration, the Senator from SC yelled from the senate floor to "Raw Dog" Cummings, "U Lis"!

Charlotte said...

Plates like this make me want to tap on the window and ask the driver for fifty bucks. They clearly don't mind throwing money away.

My verification word is "slyclogn". Maybe I'll put that on a plate. Like, I'm a clogger, but you'd never know it, cause I'm sly with my cloggin'.