Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fast Cars

Last weekend we had our Cub Scout Pack's 2010 Pine Wood Derby. Grant's car looked great, even if it didn't place. Fortunately it DID make it to the finish line for every heat, and didn't come in last (like last year). Since this is Grant's last Pine Wood Derby, we dropped some serious cash ordering pre-polished axles and lathed/balanced wheels online, from, in an attempt to do well and go out with a bang. Didn't help. Turned out that one of he axles was slightly bent. At least we had fun.

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Tim O'Keefe said...

Hey, I am glad that you (I mean Grant) had a good time. With all of that research you (I mean Grant) should have done better. You (I mean Grant) really look proud in that picture.

Sorry this is Grant's (I mean your) last derby. Oh well, there's always the grandkids to look forward to.