Saturday, May 8, 2010

Retirement Celebrations

Last night we concluded another year of Cub Scouts with a rank advancement ceremony banquet and flag retirement ceremony. This was also my retirement as a Cub Scout Den Leader, as I've already moved up to the Boy Scout Troop with Grant, but it was still a nice occasion to see so many of the younger boys finally advance in rank after a long year of working on various requirements.

The banquet concluded with a Flag Retirement Ceremony, in which we retired close to 100 worn out US Flags in a solemn ceremony. Everyone in attendance was given an opportunity to place a retired flag (provided by the American Legion) in the flames and say the name or names of a someone who they wished to honor or remember for their service to our country. Grant and I retired flags in memory of my grandfather, who fought in WWII, and in honor of my father, who served in Vietman. We also retired a flag in honor of my friend Chris, who is currently serving in Afghanistan. Not only did all 3 of these honorees serve in the Army in times of war, but they were also involved in Boy Scouting.


Rick said...

Very cool meaningful evening. Good stuff, Dad.

Tim O'Keefe said...

I am moved by your story, George. For most of your posts I like to crack wise. I got nothing. Thanks. Truly. You and the Scouts are leaving this world a better place.