Sunday, July 4, 2010

OTHER TDF Cadillac Sweepstakes Code Words

Many people now visit my blog during July for the TDF Code Words and many commenters add words they've guessed or found elsewhere.  To make searching for these easier, I've decided to maintain a seperate list of them here.  Reminder, my main interest is keeping the daily list updated with each day's code words from Versus TV,, and VSCycling Twitter feed (3 sources I'm checking daily).  Any others are welcome, although I have no way of verifying them.  Finally, although I know that the Code Words can be submitted at any time durring the Tour, I cannot confirm or deny that timing of their entry has an affect on your chances to win.

IGNITION (possibly the word in the August edition of Bicycling Magazing)

Independence Day - Monaco - Sprint - Accelerate - Energy - CTS - Chain - Saddle - Team Time Trial - Garmin Slipstream - Domestique - Peloton - Power - Pace Line - RPM - Team Columbia - Gap - Ascent - Astana - Musette - Climb - High Definition - Team Car - Cervelo - Hanging On - Echelon - Versus - Drafting - Peddle - Performance - Disc Wheel - Breakaway - Bicycling - Saxo Bank - Team Director - Bobke - Gears - Gradient - Pursuit - Shift - Epic Cycle - Chasers - Throttle - Hydration - Hammering - Feed Zone - Gear - Rest Day - Hydration - Fuel - Descent - Cadence - Heart Rate - Cadillac - Spokes - Bonk - White Jersey - Watts - Time Clock - Green Jersey - Lead out - Aerodynamic - Attack - Polka Dot Jersey - Ventoux - Yellow Jersey - Paris - Champagne

SOME OTHER OLDER YEARS CODES (including some unverified codes):
Alp D' Huez - Alps - Arch De Triomphe - Armstrong - Born Fron Jets (this was an OLD name for the SAAB sweepstakes) - Brunyl - Cervelo - Champs Elysses - Climb - Contador - Crash - CSC - Cyclism - Drafting - Efficiency - Etapes - Fans - Feed Zone - Finish - First Class - Fly to the Finish (this was an OLD name for the SAAB sweepstakes) - Garmin - Helmet - High Road - Hors Category - Jet Engine - Jet Inspired - King of the Mountains - KOM - Lance - Ligget - Livestrong - Mobile - Monaco - Peloton - Podium - Polka Dot Jersey - Power - Prologue - Pyrennes - Ride of Your Life (this was an OLD name for the sweepstakes) - Road Rash - RPM - Saxo Bank - Slipstream - Spain - SportCombi - Sprinter - Stage - Summit - Swiss - Team Director - Team Time Trial - Throttle - Time Bonus - Time Clock - Time Trial - Winner


nstandley said...

Thank you for the code words. Awaiting the latest, while watching the Tour. Nancy

Anonymous said...

Stage 4 from Versus - code word is Leadout Train

Anonymous said...

words that have worked. Champagne, Versus, Green Jersey

Anonymous said...

Also, Yellow Jersey, White Jersey and Polka Dot Jersey

"Bicycle Bill" said...

IGNITION is definitely the word from the August 2010 "Bicycling" magazine article. In the foldout section between pages 48 and 49.

Also just heard Phil say on the coverage that Stage 5 word was "CTS Sport Wagon".


Anonymous said...

DRIVING DYNAMICS and PELOTON both for 7/9/10

Anonymous said...


nstandley said...

I found it quite helpful to read the other posts about getting the message that we'd been blocked from more entries. I thought it was just me. Did you delete those posts? They might prove helpful to other people as they did to me. I emailed the sweepstakes sponsors and they said they'd get back to me on the issue, but they haven't as yet. Thank , Nancy

George said...

I didn't delete any comments from the Main Code Words article available at . This is a follow-up article about OTHER possible code words.

Incidentally, I'm really troubled to hear that so many people are having problems with the Sweepstakes. I have not had any problems...yet, but if I do, I will let everyone know. Meanwhile, if anyone visiting this blog has experience the same issues and figured out how to overcome them, please share your secrets with the rest of us.

George (aka TightyWhitey)

Zaphod said...
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"Bicycle Bill" said...

Well, maybe you're trying to enter too many words in a given period and the contest has mistaken you for a 'bot.

I've never tried posting more than three words at a time; and once I caught on the to the 'random time' thingie for determining the winner, I only enter one word at a time; then come back a little later (half-hour or so) and enter another one. I've entered almost 30 words with no problems.

No winners either, but there's nothing you people here can do about that.


Anonymous said...

7-15-10 epic cycle

Anonymous said...

3 July Code word is "aerodynamic"

Anonymous said...

$ Jul 11 Codewood is "sprint"