Sunday, July 10, 2011

Tour De France 2011- Spot Clean Bottle Mascot Contest

Adding this as at the suggestion of another follower. If you are playing the Spot Clean Bottle Mascot on the side of the road at the Tour de France, please leave a comment below. I will not update the list myself or be able to answer questions, so review the comments below for updates and if you post a sighting please be sure to specify the Stage or Date and exact answer for the contest (ie beginning of the intermediate Sprint, Slope of ______ mountain, Feed Zone, etc.) Thanks in advance for the contributions!

Here's the contest link: Spot Clean Bottle!


kap blythewood said...

enter the 'Spot the Clean Bottle' WITHOUT using Facebook. Click SWEEPSTAKES; DETAILS; RULES and down at the bottom is a link for ALTERNATE METHOD OF ENTRY. On FIREFOX, may have to delete the cookies for FB to avoid FB, especially if you're a FB member. Firefox lets you open the TOOLS, OPTIONS, PRIVACY, REMOVE INDIVIDUAL COOKIES. This is also true should you wish to enter more than one person via same pc. Good luck.

To get the answer correct, it helps to go to the entry site & look at the multiple choice answers for the day; then look at the route profile on You'll then know when you're looking for the Bottle.

profile said...

does tour de france have an official website?


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