Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Better Later Than Never, Right?

So, I'm blogging now. I've been a professional in web technologies for over nine years and I've finally decided to take the plunge. I'm going to disregard the old prediction of Bill Gates, that the Internet will never catch on, and just do it. Plus, it's free, so if it's not a fun new hobby I can just stop and not be stuck with expensive reminders (like my closet full of rock climbing gear, beginner bagpipe stuff, and water color supplies). I've also been inspired by the impressive blogs of some of my old high school buddies, all of whom are much better writers than I. They also seem to have more interesting things to say than I do, but after all, I am just getting started.

Everyone's blogs seem to have such cool names. My pal Jay, who lives in Seattle (or at least that's where his house and family are) calls his "Pacific Grits", a cool name for a Southerner living in the Pacific Northwest. Rick's is called "Mmmm, That's good coffee". I'm not sure what it means, but he does like coffee and it's a cool name. I decided to call mine "Tighty Whitey", which was a name I suggested to my nine year old son when he was contemplating names for his future rock band. He needs to actually learn to play an instrument at some point. He didn't like my suggestion, citing his preference for boxer briefs. Anyway, since I'm to old to have a fresh rock image (but never too old to rock), I decided to use the name for my blog. Nevertheless, boxer briefs do rule!


James said...

Welcome to the blogsphere. I must say, however, I am surprised the boxer briefs caught on. Really mucks with the question "Boxers or briefs?" Both? What's the point?

Rick said...

Honored by the props - and boxer briefs are a point unto themselves, I think.