Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Dopes who Dope in the Tour de France

Well another pro cyclist has tested positive for doping during this year’s Tour de France. Iban Mayo tested positive for using EPO, a performance enhancing drug, during the last week of the three week race. Also, there are rumors that Tour winner Alberto Contador may be linked to last year’s doing scandal, Operation Puerto. I’ve now lost count of how many doping related incidents have come up in this year’s tour, but it’s around a half a dozen individuals plus two entire teams.

Now, I’m not a traditional American sports fan. It’s not that I dislike the ball-based games (foot, basket, base) or NASCAR, but I just don’t follow any of them closely. I AM, however, a huge cycling fan for years and have been very disappointed by the scandals involving Ivan Basso, Alexandre Vinokourov, race leader Michael Rasmussen this year. Add to it the doping admissions of notables like Bjarne Rjis (CSC team director), Frankie Andreu, and Erik Zabel earlier in the season, and you’re left wondering if anyone is actually “racing clean.” I have tried to maintain faith that Lance and Floyd (in the photo with me above at the 2005 Tour of Georgia) would never cheat, but seeing how epidemic the problem really is has made me begin to have doubts about them too. It’s an “arms race”, so they’re all doing it just to keep up. It has shattered many fans’ faith in the sport.

It seems so unfathomable that someone would be so stupid to gamble an awesome dream-career of being a professional athlete on the world stage. But just when I’m wondering how these guys could do something so foolish, I remember that I struggle with sin every day and have more Eternal things at risk. I’m just thankful that God is a more loyal fan of mine (even when I test positive for sin) than I am of my sports heroes. Vive le Grace!


wishbon7 said...

I didn't know you were a cycling fan. I use to road bike. Just sold my bike about a year ago.

Rick said...

I recommend never standing quite so close to guys in pants that tight. The CSC cycling team suffered from the issue you cited - I think it was the spandex.