Saturday, August 4, 2007

Working Hands

I've been busy doing some carpentry around the house for the past several weekends. Mainly trim work in our FROG (finished room over garage). My poor hands get really dry and cracked anyway, but apparently woodworking makes it worse. Once in college my roommate, Paul, asked what was wrong with my cracked and bleeding hands, and I told him I had "the gundge", which is something I made up, but seemed descriptive enough. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I was picking up more wood at Lowes and saw something called "O'Keefe's Working Hands" hanging on one of those hanger things where they use to display packaged drill bits, or shims, or flashlights. Although I normally prefer to get my medicinal items at a drug store or at least a grocery store (preferably one that has a pharmacy counter), I decided to get it anyway. I mean after all, Lowes wouldn't sell anything dangerous, right? (it was displayed beside the power tools.) The good news is, this stuff works great. In only a couple of days my scaly, cracked hands looked...normal. I'm not trying to make this post into a commercial, but if you suffer from dry cracked hands, you should get some of this stuff. It cures the gundge!

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Gail said...

Love your comments about the O'Keeffe's Working Hands & Feet Creme. I'm an employee here at O'Keeffe's and we really appreciate customer feed back. We get literally thousands of testimonial letters so I'll add yours to our book!