Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Update from the The World Beard and Moustache Championships

Here are a few portraits of contestants from The World Beard and Moustache Championships, the world's premiere competition in facial hair. Although some of these contestants are suspects in an ongoing doping investigation, they continue to make us proud. Go U.S.A.

Willi Chevalier, Age 65. Sigmaringen, Germany. First Place winner, Partial and Freestyle Beard.

Jack Passion, Age 23. Walnut Creek, CA, USA. First place winner, Natural Full Beard category.

E C (Ted) SedmanAge 69. First place winner, Fu Manchu category

Wolfgang ReuswichAge 53. Backuaug, Deutschland. Sideburns Freestyle competitor.

Udo FritzscieAge 56. Kanstanz, Deutschland. Imperial Partial Beard competitor.

Gray Plunkett Age 50. Dunwoody, GA, USA

Franz MitterhauserAge 53. Austria.

Paul Reaves, Age 39. Greenville, SC, USA. Snobby French Waiter Category.

Chris How, Age 31. Columbia, SC, USA. Imperial Mullet and Captain Riker Beard Freestyle contestant.


Ferdlings said...

French waiter guy should have rowed away with the win.

Anonymous said...

Dear George,

How come I don't get a moustache prize?


C. Buckley

James said...

I am disturbed.