Saturday, October 20, 2007

An Impressive Show of Strength, at Williams Brice Stadium

No, I'm not talking about USC's football team. Today was indeed a sad day for Gamecock fans, with a 6 to 17 loss against Vandy. However, the halftime show was a stirring tribute to out Armed Forces and concluded with a thundering USAF fly-over of four F16's. Very Cool! Later in the game they walked the pilots out onto the field and introduced them. One of them was Delphin Gantt, of the US Air National Guard and fellow Airport High graduate. Rock On, Delphin!


Steve said...

I've run across Delphin a couple of times over the years. He's flying for the Air National Guard out of McEntire ANG.

I still he and I on the French trip to Paris in 1986. They cut us all loose one afternoon and Delphin and I wandered off to discover Paris. Next thing we know, we're slap dab in the middle of the red light district standing in front of the Moulin Rouge. Delphin was able to get us out of there using his thick "Southern France" French.

Sorry about the Gamecocks.

Kyle said...

Ol' Delphin... Saving the day.

Chuck said...

I am glad something was impressive Saturday.

But, I was thinking about the couple of times your family took me out to Williams Brice during high school and how much fun that was.

George said...

Yep, those were good times, back when we dreamed of being in the marching band.

James said...

I seem to remember Delphin hanging around with Scott Green.