Thursday, November 29, 2007

Save the Date

I'm turning 40 in January, and my wife is giving me the coolest birthday present I can imagine. She's letting me get the band back together ("Honey, you remember the Vortex"). Well, not actually THE band, but a bunch of my best friends that I love jamming with. Many of them have agreed to come from far away to spend a 4 day weekend practicing and playing a couple of gigs with me. The dates and locations are still tentative, but Saturday night, January 26th will be a full concert (probably at a local coffee house) and Sunday morning, January 27th, we'll lead the praise and worship music at the 9AM service at Mt Horeb United Methodist Church.

Here's the line up:
  • Me - Bass, BGVs, and maybe some keyboards
  • Mike Vaughan - Lead Vocals
  • Coley Mynatt - Drums and BGVs
  • Paul Reaves - Guitar and jokes
  • Alan Green - Keyboards and BGVs
  • Shane Martin - Guitar and Vocals
  • Stan McAfee - Guitar
Also, I'm going to try to get some of my local friends to sit in on a few tunes with us: my pal Tim has already confirmed. I'm also going to ask Barney, Jim, Tye, Suzanne, etc. It's going to be mayhem and we'll need a crowd of sympathetic fans, so please mark your calendars and try to come and support us. More specifics will be forthcoming (look for posts labeled "40th Birthday Bash")

UPDATE: The dates and locations are confirmed. 1/26/2008 at 7:30PM at The WaterShed, in Lexington and 1/27/2008 at Mt Horeb UMC's 9AM service.


Rick said...

Let us know the location of the "local coffee house" - sounds like fun, caffeinated.

Kyle said...

Is that Paul on rhythm sled?

George said...

You got it , Cat! Greg (Lead Sledist) was not available for photo. Later, after we moved to Nashville, Paul did become the lead sled player for a while. Hooo weeee, that boy could wail on a sled.

Kyle said...

You can see it in his eye. He's an ol' sled wailer from way-back!