Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving: a Day for Tradition, Family, & Rest

Today, according to family tradition, we celebrated Thanksgiving at my Uncle Owen's home in Johnston, SC. Traditional Turkey-day grub was served, plus an amazing recipe of Crock-Pot Mac & Cheese.

After lunch we all gathered in the living room to talk. My Uncle Owen, a walking encyclopedia of history and genealogical information, usually presents an impromptu lecture on family or local history. (This is the moment I usually take a post-feast nap. Involuntarily, of course.) However, today he told us all about George Washington's trip through that area of SC on his Southern Tour, in 1791. Since I recently took and interest in this subject, he had me participate by telling of my role in a recent competition to identify an erroneous landmark that inaccurately commemorates an alleged stop on this tour. Amazingly, this was actually interesting to everyone and I enjoyed telling the tale of my eventual victory. My uncle was also quite prepared, with reference materials, just in case. Of course, no one questions him.

On the way home I stopped for a short rest.

George Nicholson rested here on Thanksgiving Tour 2007.


Ferdlings said...

Finally.... closure.

Kyle said...

That is great!
I'm honored on so many levels.
Sounds like y'all had a good time.