Saturday, December 22, 2007

Concert Inventory

Following in Kyle's and Paul's footsteps, here is a listing of concerts I've seen (that I can remember):

Susan Ashton, Anita Baker, Barenaked Ladies (3), Junior Brown, Sam Bush, Jeremy Camp, Gary Chapman, Stephen Curtis Chapman (3), Ashley Cleveland, Pat Coil (2), Robin Crow, DC Talk (2), Jag, John Denver, Dream Theater, Brian Duncan, Bella Fleck and the Flecktones (2), Amy Grant (3), Chagall Guevara, Every Mothers Nightmare, Giant, Glad, Buddy Green, Tom Hamby, Larnelle Harris, Harvest, Kim Hill, Alan Jackson, Billy Joel (4), Elton John, Wes King, Mylon Lefevre and Brokenheart (3), Bebo Norman, Geoff Moore and the Distance, Mercy Me, The Ministers (2), Rich Mullins, Nickel Creek, Sandi Patti, Pont of Grace, Sammy Cax (3), Off Kilter (2), Charlie Peacock, Petra (2) , Prince, Riders in the Sky (2), Run C & W, Rush (2), Shenandoah, Ricky Skaggs, Michael W. Smith (5+), Russ Taff (2), James Taylor (2), Steve Taylor (2?), Truth, Van Halen, Vertical Horizon, Greg X Volz and Pieces of Eight, Derek Webb, Whiteheart (6+), David Wilcox (2)

If I missed some, please post them in the comments.

UPDATES: Ray Charles (2), Chuck Mangione, Doc Severenson, Ella Fitzgerald, and Spyra Gyra.
MORE UPDATES: Kenny Rogers, Jerry Seinfeld, Bill Cosby, Louise Mandrell, Cowboy Junkies.


Kyle said...

I am so proud to see Junior Brown on that list!

George said...

Junior Brown is pretty wild. However, from my experience, I think the best artist or group concert to experience live is Barenaked Ladies. Those Canadians can rock!

Kyle said...

I once stood outside the Hard Rock Cafe in Orlando while the Barenaked Ladies wailed inside.

The Bookish Kind said...

I can only wish I'd seen Rich Mullins in concert before he died.
Any chance you taped any of them and are willing to share?

George said...

I WISH! I only saw him once, in Chattanooga, doing a concert at some church. I had some Altanta friends in college who saw him several times. They got me hooked on him back in 1986, when we were college freshmen. A songwriter friend of mine, Lowell Alexander, even used to be Rich's roommate, in the early '80's. My old college band used to cover "A Few Good Men" from his first album. It was a fun tune to do and always got the crowd on their feet. That guy could really write some good stuff. I can't wait to get to Heaven and find out what he's come up with lately.

Krazy K said...

Wow! You have horrible taste in music or at least concerts

The Bookish Kind said...

I'd love it if you could ask around and find a Rich Mullins tape. I am willing to pay for it, should you find something.
I do not have the Few Good Men sheet music. Sorry!


The Bookish Kind said...

By the way, I think your taste in music is just fine, lol!
And I love your pic and the Holy Crap comment. Funny!

James said...

I am surprised you omitted the Ray Charles/Chuck Mangione concert in Nashville that you and Jennifer took me to!