Tuesday, February 5, 2008

George is...

Here's a game I saw on Rick's and Charlotte's blogs (I've been catching up on my blog reading today): You take your name, google it as "[Your name] is" with the quotation marks, and see what comes up. Cut/paste the fun phrases into a post, and then do it again with google images and post that image (unless it's inappropriate, then just email it to me.)
  • George is not a ‘great dancer.’
  • George is immortalized
  • George is remembered largely for the extravagant lifestyle that he maintained as prince and monarch.
  • Lonesome George is not alone among Galápagos tortoises.
  • George is a bit socially crippled, really.
  • George is not human.
  • George is finding it harder to blend into the college basketball scene.
  • 7-foot-7 George is a big work in progress.
  • George is still wrong.
  • George is conducting an experiment on the ownership rights of downloaded music.
  • George is too big to fit behind the wheel of a car.
  • George Is Back Stateside but Still in Serious Mode.
  • George is thus "Controller Ordinary of Wars", with the title of "Écuyer".
  • George is the best comedy writer in Hollywood.
  • "George is getting upset."
  • George is careful not to play the same cities each year.
  • George is better known as Uranus.
  • George is drawn into a frenetic interspecies dispute...
  • George" is a treat to just watch.


Charlotte said...

Yours is the funniest I've seen so far. I cackled over the "largely remembered for the extravagant lifestyle as a prince and a monarch" entry...

George said...

Thanks. I found "George is too big to fit behind the wheel of a car" to be hitting a bit too close to home, these days.

Jim said...

I got Jim is boss. Enough said!

Alan said...

Apparently Alan is a Professor of Frankfurters. Interesting and delicious.