Sunday, February 24, 2008

I'm Back, Baby!

After a couple of crazy weeks of work and home activities, I'm back and blogging like the wind. Here are some photos from my past few busy weeks.


Kyle said...

Slow down, you're goin' too fast.
You gotta make the good times last.

Chuck said...

DM - You enter a room 25 by 30.
GN - Ok, I look around, what do I see.
DM - Roll a saving though 2d6.
GN - 3
DM - A Drum Kit slowly rises from the floor, and somewhere, up in the dark, a beast carrying an Axe drops down.
GN - I pull out my +10 Vorporal Bass and Rock Out.
DM - Roll a d20
GN - 18
DM - With your +6 modifier for the Bass ability, that comes up to a 24. You so completely Rock Out.
FH - Can I have a bite of your burrito?

Chuck said...

Sorry. DND references. You all had to be there.

George said...

No D&D reference would seem complete without Frank Hernandez's burrito comments. I know it appears we're playing in a dungeon, but actually that's the elaborate Easter set being constructed at Lex Baptist church, where we gigged last Sunday.

Rick said...

Love the shot of the demon spawn in cub scouts.