Saturday, February 16, 2008

Tardy Pass

I'm cashing in a Tardy Pass for my delinquency in blogging for the past week. I've been very busy. But Steve has encouraged me to get back online and blog like the wind. Here's the play-by-play of my past week:
Saturday, Feb 9th
9AM - take my kids to Upward Basketball & Cheerleading.
Noon until Sunday Morning - Take my son to a Cub Scout Sports Day at USC (day camp, tour William's Brice, Basket Ball game against Vandy, Team Autographs, Tour Colonial Center, BBall Clinic, sleep-over.)
Sunday, Feb 10th
8AM - Pre-church service rehearsal
9AM - Play in Praise Band at Church
10:30AM - Attend beginning of Traditional Church service to see Grant lead everyone in the Cub Scout Oath on Scout Sunday.
10:45ish - Sneak in late to Small Group lesson (already in progress)
1:30PM - Head to Johnston, SC to attend a cousin's funeral.
5PM return home via Saluda/Hollywood with a stop off to check on my grandmother and my mom, who was staying with her. (Did I mention my grandfather was in the hospital?)
Monday, Feb 11th
take Blythe to school then go Work, work work.
6PM ish stop by Lex Med Center to check on Papa, who would be getting a Pacemaker the next day.
8:30PM - Praise Band Practice.
Tuesday, Feb 12
Blythe gets sick so I don't have take her to school (but I still have to go to work myself.)
Come home a get the kids homework finished and put them to bed, while Jennifer goes to a Jr. Women's Club meeting.
Wednesday, Feb 13
Work, work work.
Stay late and work some more, while Jennifer takes the kids to church.
Come home tired and wish I was at the Victor Wooten concert in Greenville.
Thursday, Feb 14th (Oh crap! It's Valentines Day already?)
Take Blythe to school then go Work, work work.
Come home to a romantic evening of parent/teacher conference, scout meeting, and then dinner for four (beer for one).
Friday, Feb 15
6:30AM - No school, so I go to work early (in hopes of going home early.)
Noon - Blogger's lunch with Rick and James)
7:45pm - Finally head home, after an after-hours website launch.
8PM - Arrive at home to discover that there is a little girl slumber party going on at my house. Oh, Joy. Begin drinking beer.
Saturday, Feb 16th
10AM Upward Basketball and Cheerleading
Noon - Head out to Saluda/Hollywood to check on the grandparents and the new pacemaker.
8AM rehearsal
9AM Praise Band
10:30AM Small group
Noonish head down to Charleston for another overnight cub scout outing (this time at the Charleston Aquarium).
Later this week:
Rehearse with Unto Him, for an upcoming gig; Annual awards dinner for work, prepare and deliver a presentation to my company's Executive Steering Committee, and drink alot more beer.


Rick said...

You might want to get a mix of biscuits and cornbead to wash down all that beer.

Charlotte said...

I think you need some hobbies. You don't have near enough to do.

Steve said...

A toast to you, my friend. You ARE a busy man. Look forward to reading your blogs, though. I see some empty space at lunchtime. Just go with a glucose drip and stay at your desk and blog.

Todd said...

What??? I was not invited to the blogger lunch!

Todd said...

Hey, is Rick wearing a Sun Microsystems t-shirt? Geek alert! :o)

Actually, I work on their servers. Hi-tech stuff. Very cool. In fact, that's what I was doing during the luncheon.

Nice photo. You guys look great!

Alan said...

One word, friend: Simplify. I've missed your blog. Where was that blogger luncheon, Cracker Barrel?

George said...

Yes, it WAS at Cracker Barrel. After eating we bought corn cob pipes, ole timey candies, and CD's of bluegrass music from the 1950's. Good times.

Lori said...

Good picture. Miss you all very much.