Friday, November 6, 2009

Right of way?

OK, I've been confused by this sign for a while. It clearly is indicating a merge. Can you tell me which lane has the right of way?

I think this is confusing begause the black lines seem to indicate the lines on the road and NOT the road or lanes themselves. Every other road sign I can think of (crossroads, RR crossing, curvy road, etc) uses the black lines as the road itself. If you read this one THAT way, you get an opposite message. I wond if there have been wrecks because this reverse image has confused anyone. Road signs should not be designed by MC Escher.

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Kyle said...

Being a member of the group that makes road signs, I'm "required" to say, Reading road signs is like being a member of the Freemasons. Seriously, I can tell you what all the lines mean and the numbers of 2-letter interstates vs. 3 letter roads mean, etc., but I honestly believe I'm supposed to kill you. I don't want that, so let's all just be cool and drive like they do in Mexico. No signs, no laws, no habla. Be cool. DON'T DENT NOTHIN'!