Saturday, November 14, 2009

Venomous snakes and a side of nachos

Last weekend we stopped by the Repticon on our way home from NC. Repticon is a traveling reptile and exotic pets "show" that's more like a flea market for buying/selling reptiles. Here is a photo of one of the hundreds of tables containing containers of snakes for sale. The red tape indicates a venomous reptile. Note the side of nachos resting on top of a snake box. No, thanks, I'm not hungry!

Notice: Jim Fowler does NOT recommend "To Go" boxes for venomous reptiles. Only pillow cases are adequate.


Tim O'Keefe said...

They look like they are in take-out containers. I've always heard they taste like chicken. Yum.

Alan said...

Reminds me of the incident in Arkansas where the children kept their pet baby copperheads by the gummy worms. Tragic ending for fat Uncle Larry.
OK, didn't happen, but from the placement of the nachos it could. Nice new hobby you've taken up, George. Have you also considered taking the kids to the upcoming gun and knife show? They keep hotdogs on loaded AK47s.

James said...

I always thought they kept snakes in burlap bags? I remember Jim Fowler always pulling venomous snakes out of bags on the Tonight Show.

George said...

Good Point, James. I added an update to this point to address this issue.