Sunday, July 25, 2010

Introducing: Tighty Whitey's "Skid Markx"

Skid Markx Blog
In response the popularity of this blog each July (over 31,000 visits so far this month) I will moving all my Tour de France and Sweepstakes Code Words to a new blog, called SKID MARKX after this year's Tour.  You're all welcome to keep visiting TightyWhitey if you'd like, but I wanted to offer a place dedicated to cycling and the TDF Sweepstakes Code Words.  This will also you to subscribe to the Blog and RSS Feeds without having to get updates about my family and friend during the other 11 months of the year.  Check out my first post on SKID MARKX, take the poll, and subscribe now and I'll see you all there in 2011.  Thanks for visiting this year!


nstandley said...

Love your idea of skid marx.... thank you for feeding my TDF addiction!! Cya next year....Nancy

Tim O'Keefe said...

Hey Man, You gonna post anything on this blog anymore?!?!