Saturday, July 17, 2010

Technical Problems Plague Versus Cadillac "Lead the Pack" Sweepstakes


Many people participating in the Versus 2010 Cadillac "Lead the Pack Sweepstakes" are experiencing problems with the online sweepstakes application, which runs as a promotional campaign during the 3 week Tour de France event.  Despite the sweepstake's terms of a 74 Code Word limit, contestants are being denied submission of valid code words after the entry of only 37 valid code words (exactly HALF of the allowable words), with a mesage stating "You've entered all the code words you can."  With this year's Tour de France only halfway completed, it will be interesting to see if if Versus and/or Cadillac will get this corrected before the peloton arrive in Paris on July 25th.  If not, the problems will increase as more viewers/contestants hit the limit and become disenchanted which will no doubt have a negative impact on Versus viewership and web stats, not to mention poor marketing ROI for Cadillac.

I have personally played this sweepstakes during the Tour for years without error.  However, early Wednesday (9/14/2010) I hit my 37 word limit too.  Like many of you, I have submitted my issue to the sweepstakes administrator and received an email stating that I would be contacted within 3 business days (as of 7/17 I have still not been contacted).  Based on the comments left on this blog by others, that may not actually happen, so I've re-registered with an alternate email address.  Based on my interpretation of the rules, as long as you don't play a code word twice for the same individual or exceed the 74 code word limit, this should be OK.  I hope that under the circumstances Versus and Cadillac will permit it.

If anyone else has any insight, recommendations, or has received feedback from the sweepstakes administrator, please leave your comments below.


Victoria said...

If you go back and try the code word again it then says you have already entered this word!!! Do you think it is registering the word and just not letting us spin???

Anonymous said...

Message to eprize:7/19/10 am
why do my daily words keep getting turned down? my mother & 2 daughters are having the same problem.Since last wedensday why,why & what does a person need to do????
Reply :
We've provided a copy of your email below for your records. We have also established a reference number for your issue which is [ePrize #******]. We'd be happy to further assist with any additional concerns you have with this issue.
Including the reference number in the subject line for all future correspondence would be very helpful to us. You can simply "reply" to this email to keep the same subject line.