Thursday, April 23, 2009

Upside Down Flag Quiz

When you arrive at work and the state flag is flying upside down, should you:
A. Flee the premises, because pirates must have taken over your building;
B. Ask someone to turn all the other flags "upside down" so they appear correct to anyone hanging by their knees on monkey bars or using gravity boots;
C. Assume it's some kind of anti-tree, post-Earth Day protest and just try to ignore it, like a good SC liberal,
D. Notify your neighbors that the SC flag has been updated with the new symbols of the Feather Duster and the Toe Nail Clipping.
E. Make Your Own Caption by leaving a Comment.


Anonymous said...

Dear George,
Please get back to work. Stop worrying about the flag.


M. Barlow

Jones Family said...

I'll take choice D...that is hilarious so I won't try to compete!

Ferdlings said...

Are those spaceships flying over the building?

James said...

Somehow I knew the South would fall again...

George said...

Spaceships? Nah, man. Those are just very rectangular clouds lined up overhead. We don't go for those Greenville-style, cloud-shaped clouds here in Columbia.

Kyle said...

Y'all need to find you a new flag hanger. Preferably one that ain't a Yankee.